"Escaping local risk by entering indentureship:  Evidence from nineteenth-century Indian migration." 2019. The Journal of Economic History 79 (2): 447-476.

• Winner of the 2019 Arthur H. Cole Prize awarded to the best article in The Journal of Economic History

Work in progress

"A (Paid) Passage to India:  Migration and revealed willingness to pay for upper-caste status."

"Where camponeses feared to tread:  Agricultural production and land mine clearance in post-conflict Mozambique"

Available on request; with Tyler Belyea

"Prices for the Poor:  Food Evidence from Tanzania"

With Michael Olabisi

"Matchmaking gone wrong:  Quantifying bias and methods using non-western data"

Available on request

"The re-invention of indentureship in the 19th century as a contract-enforcement mechanism:  theory and historical evidence"

"Foreign/native wage differentials and return migration in Germany"

Available on request

"Do Asian Americans Practice Male-biased Sex Selection?  New Evidence from the 2008-2012 American Community Survey and 2010 US Census"

Available on request; with Sital Kalantry, Brian Citro, and Arindam Nandi