"Escaping local risk by entering indentureship:  Evidence from nineteenth-century Indian migration." 2019. The Journal of Economic History 79 (2): 447-476.

• Winner of the 2019 Arthur H. Cole Prize awarded to the best article in The Journal of Economic History

"Indian merchant migration within the British Empire." 2020. In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History. Ed. David Ludden. New York: Oxford University Press.

Work in progress

"Return migration and caste."


"Prices for the Poor:  Food Evidence from Tanzania"

Submitted; with Michael Olabisi

"Where camponeses feared to tread:  Agricultural production and land mine clearance in post-conflict Mozambique"

Available on request; with Tyler Belyea

"Treating text as pictures:  OpenCV, feature matching, and parsing historical documents"

Code:  Python (in a .zip file) or raw text

Paper and slides available on request

"Matchmaking gone wrong:  Quantifying bias and methods using non-western data"

Available on request

"The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire's Money Orders:  Trinidad-India Remittances in the 1880s."

"Caste selection and Indian indentureship"

Available on request


"The re-invention of indentureship in the 19th century as a contract-enforcement mechanism:  theory and historical evidence"

"Foreign/native wage differentials and return migration in Germany"

Available on request

"Do Asian Americans Practice Male-biased Sex Selection?  New Evidence from the 2008-2012 American Community Survey and 2010 US Census"

Available on request; with Sital Kalantry, Brian Citro, and Arindam Nandi